This Kid Knows All The Dinosaurs & It’s Adorable

According to Noel, a 2-year-old amateur paleontologist, a T. Rex goes — and let me make sure I'm spelling this right — BOO-ROAR! Tyrannosaurus Rex is also his favorite dinosaur. This is high praise, considering Noel knows the names to at least eight dinosaurs. In a video by YouTuber Laura Hopkins, Noel happily names every dinosaur figurine his mother presents. Noel isn't just clever — he's pretty fashion-conscious, as well. Check out his Toy Story onesie and his black-rimmed glasses, which could definitely count as Williamsburg chic. Next up for the young Ross Geller is bedtime. After that, maybe a PhD in paleontology? We'll be on the lookout. Watch the video, below. You might learn a few things about dinosaurs (and you'll probably squeal at the cuteness overload.)

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