Every Last Exquisite Fact About Those Delpozo Earrings Flooding Your Feeds This Weekend

You don't have to raise your hand if you're among the people who choose to take a break from Instagram during Fashion Week; we know you're out there, and we don't quite blame you. Sometimes, encountering the fifth sort-of-blurry, really blown-out runway shot from the same show can be enough to call it quits. But, if there's an antidote, its name is Delpozo, and for the Spanish brand's recent spring '17 show that took place last week, we were happy to see five, 10, fifty photos, especially when it came to those show-stopping earrings.
Photo: Courtesy of Delpozo.
We asked the brand for more details. For instance, to what fairy enclave did designer Josep Font reach out, to handcraft these earrings? Was there a waterfall of jewels made of dewdrops and rainbows? Can we buy them? The answers weren't quite as fantastical, but stunning nonetheless. Says Font:
"Each pair comes in a silver base, and three different sizes were made. The largest version of earrings is made up of a total of 2,978 sequins of cut glass, paillettes, iridescent Plexiglass cutouts, silver; 1,268 of which are Swarovski crystals." To assemble each earring was a labor of love: "It took an average of 12 hours per earring, which means a whole day for a complete pair, and four people were involved in the process: A jeweler developed the base designed by the Delpozo team, and the other three were internal members of the atelier. Each earring is perforated at specific points to hang each strand of embroidery and has 14 different modules connected to make them possible. For the smallest version of the earrings that were almost just like ear cuffs, it took a total of eight hours per pair and about 192 Swarovski crystals of the total of 386 pieces. The base is an ear cuff made out of silver and developed exclusively by a jeweler. It is handmade, and needs to be done one by one. As they are quite heavy with the many modules of sequins; it also has a piece that you can secure with a hairpin so it doesn’t come off, in case you’re running around like some of the models!"
Photo: Courtesy of Delpozo.
The earrings were inspired by Spanish Impressionist painter Joaquín Sorolla and contemporary sculptor Soo Sunny Park. Says Font: "[Park's] iridescent pieces really made me think how to translate her organic and wave-like creations into an extravagant cascade of earrings. I’d never used this format of accessory and thought it would be nice to focus on only earrings in a range of different styles, as they come in three different sizes and colors: pink, green, and translucent."
And, here's the big reveal: No, you won't actually be able to buy them off the rack. They'll be available upon special request from the brand. Since we're not a real-life fairy princess, we'll see these in our dreams (and Instagram streams!).
Photo: Courtesy of Delpozo.

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