This Lucky Couple Got To Travel In Style With An Entire Plane To Themselves

There are few places in the world where we feel more cramped and uncomfortable than in an airplane. Unless you're flying first class, you're dealing with limited legroom, fighting over a slender armrest, and basically feeling like a sardine. That customary claustrophobia was not the case for this U.K. couple who recently flew from Krabi, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia — without any other passengers. That's right; they got seriously lucky. HelloGiggles reported that when Carrie Fisher and Kyle McNicol arrived at the Krabi airport to catch their Firefly Airline flight, the pair was informed that they would be the only two passengers on the plane. Fisher, who has been documenting their travels on a personal blog called "A guy, a girl and the world," wrote about this once-in-a-lifetime experience. According to the blog, the airport employee checking their passports commented, "Oh, very special flight for you today,” and he was exactly right. Fisher and McNicol took full advantage of having a whole plane to themselves. She wrote: "The next hour and 10 minutes passed quickly, we spent the time seat-hopping and Kyle has now added to his facial injuries by doing the slug. (For those that don’t know he basically just slides along the floor with his bum on the air)." Fisher mentioned that it was the best flight of her life and that the staff, who had also never experienced such an empty flight, were "brilliant."
After receiving VIP treatment on the flight, coming back down to earth was a little rough — figuratively, at least. "I was shocked that someone didn’t collect our two lonely bags off the carousel for us," Fisher joked in her post. It's pretty hilarious how quickly the human brain adjusts to luxury.

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