Whoopi Goldberg Just Gave The Best Reason For Voting

Photo: Kate Warren/Washington Post/Getty Images.
Fashion, at its best, is supposed to reflect the times. And even if you're the kind of person whose entire world revolves around sequins and high heels, the times mostly have to do with what's going down in November at the polls. With two polarizing candidates, the election (depending on who you talk to) will either signal the downfall of everything good about America, or its salvation. And Fashion Week hasn't been staying out of the conversation: The runways have been peppered with political demonstrations, from a not-so-subtle print to matching partisan tees. But, Opening Ceremony made things explicit with its fall '16 collection: "America, The Journey," it was called, and it was put on by a cast of activists and actors as part of a "Pageant of the People."
Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are both first-generation Americans and — like most first-generation Americans — have spent the majority of their lives navigating the idea of what it is to be American. From the collection, it's clear that their America is about coexistence, diversity, and, as participant Sarah McBride wrote in the show notes, "having the freedom to live openly and authentically as the person you know yourself to be." According to Lim and Leon, this collection was inspired by their immigrant experiences, and connecting the idea that what you wear can say something important about how you feel about the issues of our age.
The last few minutes of the pageant had hosts Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen asking all the women on stage why you — we — should vote. Their answers ranged from jokes to really, really good points (with Whoopi Goldberg's really coming across as the final word). Click through to see 11 looks from the collection modeled by 11 wise women who want to see you at the polls.

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