This Taylor Swift Theory Is Beyond Crazy

Online, people seem to love two things above all others: cute cats and conspiracy theories. Normally, Taylor Swift and her adorable pets fulfill the desire for the former. But certain corners of the web have developed a very strange belief about the singer: that she is actually the clone of a former Satanist. The theory begins with Zeena Schreck (formerly Zeena LaVey), as BuzzFeed reports. Schreck, the daughter of the man who started the Church of Satan, was a practitioner of the religion until 1990. And she looks a lot like Swift in certain photos and video clips, particularly in the one below.
Conspiracy theorists have previously pointed to apparent doppelgängers to speculate that Nicolas Cage is a Civil War-era vampire, but they've decided the Swift-Schreck resemblance means that the "Bad Blood" singer is a clone. Supporters of the theory have been tweeting out polls, side-by-side photos, and creating YouTube videos to "prove" their point.
Of course, Taylor Swift isn't actually a clone, satanic or otherwise. While it may be fun to make up wacky theories about TV shows and movies (have you heard that Sandy from Grease is actually a ghost?), it's important to remember there's an actual person at the center of this one. Swift already has to deal with plenty of criticism (warranted and unwarranted). Positing that she's the clone of a former Satan worshiper seems like a bit much.

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