Luke Pell Could Still Be The Next Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Dry your tears, lovers of Luke Pell: There is still hope. Last week, it was announced that Nick Viall would be the next Bachelor, crushing viewers pulling for Pell, a fan favorite. But according to Chris Harrison, Luke still has a shot at returning to the Bachelor franchise. "We may see him next summer in Paradise, we may see him as the next Bachelor. Who knows?" Harrison told E! News. "I mean look what happened with Nick! You never know who could come back." He continued, "I would still say Luke would be a great Bachelor, but Nick, as of right now, is our guy." Harrison noted that the decision to go with Nick over Luke "isn't an indictment on Luke." But Harrison and Pell are on very different pages. The Texan actually had his bags packed to fly out to Los Angeles and begin production when he found out he was no longer their man. And he's not happy with the franchise. "At this point, I really don't want to go back into working on and in this franchise," Pell told Entertainment Tonight. "If I was asked to do Paradise, I don't think that that's something I would be interested in. If I was asked to be on The Bachelor [in the future], I really wouldn't be interested at this point." He added, "I do have kind of a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole process."
It sounds like Harrison might want to think about pulling an "Evan" — who eventually won Carly's heart with his mind-boggling persistence on Bachelor in Paradise — by refusing to give up on Luke.

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