Watch This Southwest Flight Attendant Give An Announcement As Your Favorite Looney Tunes Characters

Photo: Joe Amon/The Denver Post/ Getty Images.
As a flight attendant, it's your job to get people to pay attention to instructions and flight plans. When you're primarily dealing with exhausted travelers, though, this can sometimes be a bit of an uphill battle. One Southwest Airlines flight attendant has figured out an amusing way to get his passengers to listen up. Last week, on a Southwest flight to Chicago, a flight attendant named Zach made the entire landing announcement as various characters from the classic cartoon Looney Tunes. He impersonated everyone from Bugs Bunny to Elmer Fudd — and with such accuracy, it seemed like the characters were right there in the cockpit. If we had been on that flight, our ears most certainly would have perked up. Luckily, even those not on the flight got to hear the spot-on impressions thanks to a fellow airline attendant who recorded the announcement and posted it on Facebook. Jordy Elizabeth shared the video of Jeff's announcement on Thursday with the caption, "This is just one of the million reasons why I LOVE my job… Zach is such a great guy to work with!" Since it was posted, the video has garnered over 173,000 views and has been shared 851 times. We're not surprised by all the attention this guy is getting; Daffy Duck advising passengers on door safety is something we never thought we'd hear. Listen up to the Looney Tunes announcement and hope that you get this flight attendant on your next trip. (NBC Chicago)

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