Hiddleswift: A Eulogy For An Affair To Be Remembered

Photo: Splash News.
Here lie the remains of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s three-month relationship. May they find comfort in knowing that their romance will live on forever in our hearts. But also on the internet, where we all know nothing ever dies. And of course, through conspiracy theories about why they reportedly broke up, or if they were ever really together in the first place, since this whole thing seemed like a giant publicity stunt from the start. (Be honest. You were suspicious, too.) We first became aware of the young lovers when they had an awkward dance-off at the Met Gala this spring. Not long after that, Swift consciously uncoupled from her boyfriend of a year, Calvin Harris, he who planted an olive tree in her yard last holiday season. Once single, Swift soon began stepping out with Hiddleston. They stepped out far and wide and often, along the Eastern seaboard and also in Australia and Rome. In fact, it sort of seemed like they were on a really long and super expensive first date, one on which you meet the parents. (Did anyone else think that seemed a little rushed? Like, does meeting the parents mean nothing anymore?) But the sun has set on both summer and their whirlwind affair. What is there left to say about this portmanteau that has not already been said? Surely, the drama has played out across headlines since the pair was first spotted out and about together this June. But of course, it will likely take weeks upon weeks for Hiddleswift to completely disappear from your social feed. It's small consolations like these that make any breakup tolerable. In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to Hiddleswift demise memes. Together, we will get through these dark days.

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