Disney’s Hidden Secrets That Only Celebs Know

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If Disneyland is the place where dreams come true, it’s only natural that your chances of bumping into beloved actresses and pop stars are way, way bigger there. Celebrities love spending the day at Disneyland. Believe it or not, it’s much easier to spot Adele exiting a ride or John Stamos buying a churro than it is to grab last-minute spots for the parade down Main Street, U.S.A. — you just need to know where to look. We’re not condoning any celebrity stalking, of course. After all, they deserve to take the day off, too. We're simply giving you a heads-up to the number of Hollywood heroes that visit Disney all the time in case you want to keep an eye out on your next trip to the happiest place on Earth. With the insider tips ahead, catching a glimpse of Ariana Grande or the Kardashian clan is practically guaranteed.
Keep your eyes peeled for red tartan.
Celebrities at Disneyland are often escorted around by a VIP tour guide, whose red-and-blue plaid uniforms (pictured below) are easy to spot, if you know to look for them. Anyone can hire these helpful experts, but they’re costly — starting at $2,400 for six hours — so odds are, the people they’re leading around are living like Disney royalty, famous or not. Watch for traffic patterns, too, as VIPs tend to hit the park in larger groups. (If you see a cluster of people moving as one, you may have struck celebrity gold.) And when A-listers like Kim Kardashian are on-site, private security may clear a path for them in advance, meaning that bit of chaos up ahead may be for something more exciting than a Mickey Mouse meet-and-greet.


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Stay in-the-know with real-time updates.
Given that Disneyland addicts are up to date with the man buns, hot dads, and stray cats wandering the parks, you’d expect them be on 24/7 watch for Demi Lovato sightings, too. But most of the formerly prolific accounts have stopped updating. Instagram’s @CelebrityLookup is currently the best spot for news about who’s roaming through Adventureland, but don’t simply glance at the photos — peek at the latest post’s comments, as followers often call it out whenever a celebrity pops up in the parks. Twitter’s @DisneyParkCeleb is reliable, too, but the very best way to see who’s as excited to meet Goofy as you are is to search Twitter for “at Disneyland today” and “is at Disneyland today.” It’s simple, but it works. After all, if you wanted to whisper something through the internet, you wouldn’t use a hashtag, either!

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It's all about the outdoors.

There’s a reason Fantasyland is often the background of those celebrities-at-Disneyland photos. There are 13 attractions in its relatively small space. With so many classics, like the Matterhorn and It’s A Small World located in Fantasyland, it’s not really a quintessential trip to the parks without passing through. If VIPs are coming with children in tow, it’s a sure bet that they’ll go on Dumbo and add in a ride or two nearby, but the most likely attractions you’ll spot someone like Gwen Stefani or Jennifer Garner on are ones that remain entirely in the open. Take a longer look the next time you pass King Arthur's Carousel or the Mad Tea Party's spinning cups — you may spot something better than a couple of decorated horses.

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Watch for alternate ride entrances.

Many of the more popular rides in Disneyland have alternate entrances and more than one boarding zone, which is why, unfortunately, you won’t be nabbing a selfie with Ariana Grande while patiently enduring Space Mountain’s lengthy queue. One of the easiest rides to glimpse the alternate line on, which is often within the exit, is Pirates of the Caribbean — and don’t snooze on the boats coming around the final pass, either. When you’re about to board an indoor attraction with dual boarding zones, like Indiana Jones Adventure, or smaller loading docks like Splash Mountain, quell your excitement and survey your surroundings. Because of its setup, there may just be a celebrity waiting to board nearby without you realizing it.

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Think like a celebrity.

If you’re lesser-known celeb, waiting in the FastPass line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad isn’t too worrisome, but if you’re Beyoncé, it’s a safety issue. That’s why VIPs can bypass plenty of things, including the parking garage, tram, and even Disneyland’s slow-moving entrance turnstiles. Don’t expect to peek Disney fanatics like Katy Perry or Vanessa Hudgens munching on chicken nuggets next to you at The Golden Horseshoe, either. Chances are, they’ll instead be inside Club 33, the private members-only club that gives even everyday folk anonymity.
If you didn’t want to get bombarded by selfie requests, you’d keep moving and avoid all static crowds, which can be done nearly everywhere except in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Take a peek in front and to the left, as many official “celebrity enjoys day at Disney!” photos are taken in this location, and keep your eyes on the area near the Partners statue of Walt and Mickey during parades, too. Celebs are getting savvier, though. One fan posed with Oscar-winner Brie Larson, who requested she wait until that evening to post the photo. Don’t be surprised if next time you go, they’ve got even more tricks up their sleeve to help them avoid being seen.

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