These Photos Will Make You Feel SO Old

We've barely scraped the surface of the 21st century, but that doesn't mean it's too early to feel nostalgic for the earlier part of the millennium. So much has changed since the early 2000s, especially in the world of technology. (And that's definitely a good thing.)
To help remind you just how far tech has come in recent years, we've rounded up products that were must-haves in the early aughts. Some of them, such as gaming consoles, have been replaced with updated versions. Others are completely unrecognizable from the original — for example, look at the current iPod Touch compared to the original iPod.
If you were an early adopter of things like cell phones and MP3 players, you'll definitely recognize some of these classics. Click through for a trip down memory lane — just be grateful you don't have to rely on these outdated products anymore.

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