Here’s What Landed Gabby Douglas In The Hospital During The VMAs

By all accounts, the Final Five (minus one) had an amazing time at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night, though Gabby Douglas was noticeably absent. Douglas was unfortunately at the hospital during the VMAs, she announced on Sunday. She took to Instagram on Tuesday night to explain exactly what happened. Douglas posted a photo of herself in what looks to be a dentist's office, explaining that she had a cyst in her mouth that had to be removed.
"Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing ok," she wrote in her caption, before going on to describe what had landed her in the hospital. "I had a complication from a prior injury that caused a cyst to grow on a bone in my mouth," she explained. "Got it removed and feeling much better now!" As it turns out, cysts, which are fluid-filled growths, really can form on the bones of your mouth or jaw, and if they become infected they can be painful. When a cyst develops in your mouth, it can do so in the mouth lining, within the saliva glands, or within the jawbones. They can be caused by infections that result from poor dental health, though Douglas' seems to be caused by the prior injury she mentioned, likely a blow to the region. But because they grow slowly, many people don't learn about them until they have an X-ray done at a routine checkup at the dentist's office. For the most part, cysts are benign, but they need to be removed before they cause damage to the surrounding teeth. This involves anesthesia (either local or general), a small incision in your mouth, and removal of a small piece of bone. Afterward, you'll need to rest a lot (as Douglas is doing now) to let the anesthesia wear off and to allow the stitches in your mouth to heal. Unfortunately for her, this meant skipping out on the VMAs, but we're glad she's doing well. RELATED:
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