9 Exaggerated Health Myths We Need To Stop Worrying About

Whether you're thinking about paying bills or just picking a lunch place, there's a lot to worry about out there. And when it comes to your health, freaking out every once in a while is totally justified. Luckily, there's also plenty of nonsense out there to stop worrying about. So we're here to finally clear the air.
Although many health scares started out with a tiny kernel of something worth scrutinizing, the vast army of internet "doctors" loves to spin those kernels into exponentially greater fears. Usually, that's done with the hope of selling you some pseudoscientific "cure" or "protection." In many cases, that initially concerning finding is debunked under subsequent investigation. The pseudoscience, however, never really seems to die out.
Of course, you can feel free to continue to spend your money on whatever makes you feel better — even if that's a daily $12 bottle of unnecessarily alkaline, organic, non-GMO green juice. But we're here to tell you that, in these cases at least, you really don't need to spend your time (or effort or money) on worrying.

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