Is THIS The Reason Justin Bieber Brought Back His Instagram?

When the Biebs deleted his Instagram account in August, the world reacted. Fans were heartbroken, hashtag groups were created (#justindeactivatedparty), and haters were happy. On August 16, Bieber's 'Gram went quiet, but not for long.

Less than a week later, Justin tweeted the below from his still-active Twitter (presumably referring to bringing his Instagram account back to life): "Should I or shouldn't I?"

Was it the fans, hashtag parties, or haters that gave Justin the answer he was looking for? No, it wasn't. The truth was delivered by none other than two American food classics: Applebee's and Cinnabon:

Although the restaurants' encouraging words were hidden inside two separate (and delicious) dining invitations, his reactivation of Instagram today makes us wonder: Did support from Applebee's and Cinnabon bring back Bieber's Instagram? Probably not — but at the end of the day, who can resist half-priced appetizers and a frosted bun? I can't, and I don't think Bieber could, either.

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