The Gold Medal For Baggage Claiming Should Go To Great Britain

This year at the Rio Olympics, Great Britain won a total of 67 medals. The country's athletes continuously impressed the world throughout the games. After the Olympics ended, however, the team faced a hilarious travel fail at the airport.

According to the Huffington Post, British Airways hooked up Britain’s Olympic athletes with a “gold-nosed victory jet” for the flight back to Heathrow. They were also treated to matching red duffel bags. The bags were very nice and had plenty of room to stow the many medals won by these athletes. But here’s the thing about having a bunch of matching suitcases: It tends to cause quite a duffel dilemma when you get to baggage claim.

The athletes took the challenge to identify their luggage in stride, posting numerous humorous pics and videos to Twitter. These Olympians probably deserve a few more gold medals for getting the whole mess sorted out. You might even say they were good sports.

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