5 Beauty Tricks We Learned From Bella Hadid To Fake Looking Wide-Awake

Pop quiz: How the eff do models manage to look fresh-faced after jetting around the world nonstop? There are plenty of approaches to battling the exhaustion that comes with zipping across time zones, but we just found our favorite. Queen of cool Bella Hadid is walking us through her jet-lagged beauty routine, giving us a quick step-by-step plan for how to not look exhausted. The tutorial, filmed for Vogue, not only reveals Hadid’s secret to looking awake and fresh — just-like-us alert: she gets dark circles, too — it shows a just-go-with-it attitude that’s serving as our #mondaymotivation. Of course, the face of Dior wields a pretty pricey arsenal of products to get ready. (This low-key look uses $337 in Dior products alone.) But ultimately, Bella’s on-the-go beauty secrets aren’t about fancy products, they're about a laissez-faire approach, something we can definitely get behind. Adopt it for yourself, along with her other top tips for beauty on the run: Embrace Imperfections: Bella’s first big reveal? Dark undereye circles, which we can all relate to. She attributes hers to “traveling for two months straight.” Like us, she stamps ‘em out with concealer and her finger. Unlike us, she’s not precious about it. “See, you just, like, wing it, you know? Put it, like, everywhere,” she says nonchalantly. “Imperfections are still beautiful, right?” Yes. A million times, yes. Go For Definition: We thought people born with killer cheekbones skip contouring. Not so. Hadid stripes Dior Diorblush Light & Contour Stick Duo along her cheekbones and jawline. “I like to put some here for a little definition,” she says, while buffing with a Beautyblender. “Definition’s always good,” she says. On a budget? Use her tips with this pro-approved stick from Maybelline. Forget Getting Lit, Go For Soft Light: As much as shimmery, look-at-me highlighters hold a place in our hearts, we’re feeling Hadid’s softer version, which gives skin a fresh, no-makeup makeup glow, courtesy of Dior Diorskin Nude Air Tan Healthy Glow Powder. Go ahead and throw that highlighter on your lid, too. It doubles as a chill-ass eyeshadow. Again, if you're not making model money, simply try Nyx Pro Singles.
Spend Time On The Eyes: Here’s where Hadid focuses most. She lovingly calls her brows “tiny” before filling them in with Dior DiorShow Brow Styler, gives her lashes double love by applying primer and mascara, then singles out the Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette’s gold shadow to give her lids extra glint. Which brush does she employ? None. (Not even the little applicators that come with the palette.) Instead, she uses her fingers to hit her lids and add a touch to the inner corners to “open up the eyes a little bit.” Adopt A Five-Second Hair Strategy: Getting hair to look perfectly undone can be a major time suck. But Hadid brilliantly bypasses the trap by simply brushing damp hair and pulling it into a tight topknot — no heat tools or elastics required. “I don’t have any hair ties, so it turned out to be a bun,” she shrugs. Long live air-dried hair! The final look? Quintessential off-duty model and everything we plan to cop on our next marathon trip — even if it’s just to work, the gym, drinks, home, and work again.

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