Which Kardashian Would Blac Chyna Let Babysit Her Unborn Child?

Photo: KCR/REX/Shutterstock.
Blac Chyna has a lot of choices went it comes to choosing a babysitter for her little boy or girl with Rob Kardashian. And it seems she already knows who her go-to Kardashian sitter is going to be — and it's probably not who you'd expect.

According to Us Weekly, when Chyna was asked during a Facebook Live session whether she would trust either Kendall or Kylie Jenner to babysit her unborn child she laughed before saying both.

Her fiancé however, joked “I would choose neither of them,” before saying, "No, I’m kidding. … Probably Kylie. I'll probably let Kylie babysit.”

It's an interesting answer for Rob to give knowing the history between his little sister and the future mother of his child. You know, being that Jenner is dating Chyna's ex Tyga, who she has a three-year-old son named King Cairo with.

Chyna took it in stride though, responding, “Yeah, she could babysit the baby and King at the same time.”

Wait, was that...shade? We all know Chyna is an expert at throwing shade the Kardashians way.

Or, do we have it all wrong and Chyna's response is just another sign that she and Kylie are starting to work things out. Maybe that selfie wasn't a total lie and they're really trying to be best friends.

You know, for the baby.

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