What's Going On With Lindsay Lohan & These Pregnancy Rumors?

Photo Credit: Pablo Cuadra / Contributor.
Either Lindsay Lohan doesn't care that there are rumors surrounding her figure claiming that the actress is pregnant, or she is just living her damn life like Jennifer Anniston was trying to do earlier this summer.

The comments sections of her Instagram account are filled with questions from fans about her health, her relationship, and her stomach. "[You're] jumping while pregnant?" one asks, on a video of Lohan leaping off the edge of a yacht into the ocean (pretty far) below. Another reminds the other commenters that she has previously said she is not pregnant: "I love how you @lindsaylohan said you're not pregnant, and people are still saying you are... like no you literally just said you're not."

One voice of reason demands: "Guys... Calm the fuck down, Lindsey ain't pregnant and if she was she would address it," possibly referring to this previous post Lohan shared.

This is the video that reignited all the speculation.

Free fall (I probably shouldn't of gone into a seated position for the fall) lol 🙊

A video posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

This summer has been full of ups and downs for the 30-year-old. She's spent most of it on a boat or on a beach along the Mediterranean coast, but it hasn't all been paradise. Just two weeks ago, videos and photos of Lohan being tossed around by her ex-rumored-fiance, Egor Tarabasov, went viral. Following the media coverage, it sounded like Lohan left him, seeking a calmer life on the ocean without him.

Around the same time, her father, Mike Lohan, did an interview with Us Weekly talking about his almost-future-son-in-law. In the interview, he seemed to confirm the pregnancy rumors. Ever since, pictures of Lohan have been looked at with scrutiny. Especially that yacht-jumping one, and others of her drinking and smoking cigarettes. She also posted a picture proclaiming, "I'm pregnant," along with a still from her movie Labor Pains, and then deleted it. Many feel it was a jab at the swirling rumors, as the plot of the movie is about a young woman pretending to be pregnant to save her job.

So, either she is or she isn't. And if we learned anything from Aniston's food baby from a few months back, it's that it's really not our business. Not now and not ever. But we do hope Lohan is living her happiest, healthiest life — no matter what.

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