American Horror Story Is Straight Up Trolling Us Now

American Horror Story's latest season 6 trailer features some kind of sea monster capturing a shrieking college student. It should be a clue that brings fans closer to figuring out the theme of the upcoming season, but it's just one more piece of a very confusing puzzle.
The clip follows on the heels of several others released in recent days, one of which shows an alien abduction, and another that features a girl being pulled by her hair. Yet another clip might suggest a link between this season and the Manson family.
Maybe we should all just accept what FX CEO John Landgraf has already told us — that the focus of the season won't be revealed until its first episode airs. Or maybe this string of unrelated clips and trailers has already given away what season 6 will bring — because it has already started.
It's possible that after five seasons of producing horror plots to scare his audience, Ryan Murphy has decided to switch places with his fans. Now he is watching as we slowly devolve into madness trying to figure out if Kathy Bates will be playing a farming alien or a member of the Manson Family who's also friends with Slender Man.
Everything will (hopefully) become clear when season 6 premieres September 14.

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