American Horror Story Continues To Confuse Us All With New Season 6 Teasers

One thing is clear: American Horror Story is trying to confuse everyone with these new teasers for season 6. One clip begins with a wind chime that includes a few rusty-looking farm hooks shaped like a question mark and the number six, and ends with nurse cutting down strings of teeth with a large pair of shears.
Another trailer, called "Camp Sight," features an alien abduction gone very wrong. This one is unlike any other teaser AHS has released for this season, and seems more like something fans would have seen in season 2, Asylum, which includes an alien abduction.
Since these new clips are just adding to the confusion, fans are once again racking their brains to figure out what's going on this upcoming season, which premieres September 14. The show isn't making it easy, either, since the FX CEO John Landgraf already said there will be no big reveal of this season's theme before its premiere. While some fans have already guessed this new season will be about Charles Manson or the Roanoke colony, and others are trying to figure out whether this season of American Horror Story and Scream Queens are connected, these new teasers are throwing a wrench into any existing theories. Some on Reddit are already claiming the "Camp Sight" teaser is just a bit of misdirection, while others think this may be Murphy teasing that he's going to flesh out the alien subplot from Asylum. That's definitely possible, since Bustle noted the connection between Asylum and the teaser for season 6 that features dark basements, people crawling up stairs, and humans being used for experiments. Not to mention that the White Nun from Asylum made an appearance at the AHS VR Experience during Comic-Con in San Diego. However, others on the show's Facebook page still believe these new teasers point to the mysterious Roanoke colony, which disappeared without a trace in 1590. Perhaps it was an alien abduction? Seriously, your guess is as good as ours.

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