The Sweet Reason Kim Kardashian Spent $100 At A Lemonade Stand

It looks like North West has inherited her parents' business savvy. She and her squad set up a lemonade stand and they've already made at least $100. Those 100 smackers came from Kim Kardashian herself. The reality star posted a video to her Snapchat of her handing over the $100 bill for just one cup of lemonade.
North is smart to get into the lemonade business. Sales have been skyrocketing since the Beyoncé album came out. Another video shows she and her friends are actually selling it for $1, though.
Maybe they really should take some Wite-Out to that sign and get rid of the decimal. As Kim proves, people are willing to dish out a lot for lemonade served in a cup touched by the hands North West.

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