Someone Set Michael Phelps' Race To Nintendo Music & The Result Is Genius

Photo: Tim Clayton/Corbis/Getty Images.
When it comes to music at the Olympics, it's hard to beat John Williams' iconic "Olympic Fanfare and Theme." It's epic. It's inspiring — it makes you want to pole vault your way to a gold medal, even if you normally trip over your own feet.

But there may be a new contender for best Olympic musical pairing. RetroSFX, a YouTube channel that pairs movies with video-game sounds, decided to put its skills to work with Michael Phelps' 200-meter butterfly event. The race, a much-hyped showdown between Phelps and South Africa's Chad Le Clos (Will you look at that death stare?), was set to the tune of the classic '80s Nintendo tunes.

The result is so unbelievably perfect that you would think Phelps was actually part of a Mario game. Maybe it's something for the swimmer to think about when he finally tires of winning gold and needs a side hustle?

While this is certainly no replacement for the John Williams classic, it's already going viral as an instant classic of its own merit. Watch the video, below, and tune in later today to watch Mario — er, Phelps — race in the 100-meter butterfly.

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