Doug‘s Creator Reveals What The Cartoon Character Would Be Doing Now

Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon.
After a show goes off the air, you don't normally get to find out what happens to the characters. But thanks to an Entertainment Weekly interview with Doug's creator Jim Jinkins, we now know where the protagonist of the old Nickelodeon and Disney show would be now. Jinkins has even written detailed scenes that reveal the future of Doug, Patti, and the other beloved characters. The suburban adolescent that captured our hearts grows up to become an artist in New York City, much like Jinkins himself, he said. He lives with his pal Skeeter, and his sister Judy has become a stage actress. In the interest of breaking '90s kid hearts, he revealed that Doug and his girlfriend Patti don't end up together. "It doesn’t happen because, really, most people don’t end up with their first love," he explained. Some good news, though: Porkchop has defied biology and survived the 25 years since the show debuted. Jinkins said he's holding out hope that Disney brings the show back, though there's now one major problem with that: He's spoiled some major plot points.

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