Can Witchcraft Help You Get Tinder Dates?

Let's face it: Swiping through Tinder can sometimes feel like an endless loop of disappointment. You may have tried everything from updating your profile to changing your location radius settings — to no avail. One thing you may not have tried, however? Witchcraft. Frustrated with the lack of quality matches on Tinder, Refinery29's Hannah and Andrea decided to turn to Melissa Medara, a noted Tinder witch in Brooklyn, who might be able to cast a spell on their dating lives. "Tinder is harder to pull off for meaningful connections than OkCupid is, but there's ways to get better results," Medara says. "Witchcraft, more than anything else, is an assortment of tools you can pick from to use to affect change in a metaphysical way." Among these tools are anointing your phone (dotting it with a special oil), creating a sigil (visualizing your desires), and burning a candle on that sigil. Hannah and Andrea put all of these methods to the test for a week, to see if it would improve their dating options. We won't spoil the ending for you, so go ahead and watch the video above to see if witchcraft really can get you a good match on Tinder. Who knows? You might even be tempted to hit up a Tinder witch of your own.

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