You Can Recreate This Awesome Bit Of Stranger Things

Photo: Courtesy Netflix.
We're a little bit obsessed with the Netflix original show Stranger Things. One of the aspects that's super interesting — and potentially replicable in real life — is how the character Will communicates through Christmas lights. But if you lack supernatural skills, as well as the knowledge of how to program a strand of lights to display a message, things get difficult. Luckily, the website Cockeyed has come to the rescue with a customizable GIF-maker, Vulture reports. Head here, input your message below the image, and then tap the link above after you hit submit. Now you've got your very own spooky Christmas-lights message — like ours here. Of course, you can share your GIF wherever you like — Facebook, iMessage, even Slack if you want to creep out your coworkers. And if you've never watched Stranger Things, check out our binge-watching guide for the basics and then add it to your queue. Even the Department of Energy has gotten in on the action (which may not make the show sound more fun to the uninitiated, now that we think of it).

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