This Is What Justin Bobby From The Hills Looks Like Now

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images.
We're constantly hearing news about The Hills stars like Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt, and Heidi Montag in the tabloids. But what about Justin Bobby Brescia, the fake love interest of Kristin Cavallari and (allegedly) real love interest of Audrina Patridge? He's alive and well, and according to a new Broadly interview, not too much has changed. Brescia took a two-and-a-half-year hiatus in Nicaragua after the show, and he's no longer cutting hair, but he's back in L.A. and still making music. He's now the singer and guitarist for the band BobbyrocK, which was performing at a Chinese restaurant in L.A. when Broadly's Jonathan Buckley caught up with him. Physically, Brescia is still his old bearded self who wears combat boots to the beach, Buckley wrote. At least the paparazzi recognize him, because they're not leaving him alone. He's gotten into some fights with them, in fact. "I've definitely walked around the corner with a couple of them," he said. "Fuck, yeah. Now everybody's a paparazzi with their fucking cameras and shit." It looks like it's easy to get on Brescia's bad side — he also called Conrad "fucking twisted" — but he still has positive feelings toward at least two people: his co-stars Pratt and Montag. "I liked that their love stayed true," he said. "I mean, they had so much [ridicule] for doing what they’re doing, and they’re still together, and they’re still saying, 'Fuck you.' That to me is like, 'You guys won all the way around.'"

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