VidCon: Shannon Coffey Plays R29 Party Favors With Joey Graceffa

On Riot Room, Shannon Coffey sat down with YouTube personality Joey Graceffa, the star of YouTube Red's Escape the Night. He spoke to Coffey about horror, his show, and his fear of seances. "I don’t like watching horror movies, but I like making things like that, because I know that they're fake," Graceffa said. "I actually did get pretty scared filming Escape the Night at some points. There was one episode that deals a lot with having seances and having to do an exorcism." Graceffa also described his fear of things related to witchcraft. Once, while flipping through a book at Barnes and Noble, he found an invitation to a suspicious event tucked in the pages. Coffey was incredulous when Graceffa described being weirded out by the invite. "I didn’t know what was going to happen," he said. "Are we going to sacrifice a pig or a human? I don’t know." When Graceffa and Coffey played with some R29 party favors — two Barbies — things got testy. In a spoof of Escape the Night, Barbies Sarah and Bethany bickered on "donut island."

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