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The Things No One Tells You About Crying In Public

In this week's Report Card, comedians Matteo Lane and Shannon Coffey discuss crying in public with therapist Dr. Jane Greer.

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In my perfect world, crying would happen alone in bed. Preferably with a lot of ice cream or cheese. But for some of us, crying can happen anywhere, at any time. Whether you're frustrated, upset, or maybe just laughing too hard, that very public display of emotions can come unbidden at the least opportune times. In the latest episode of Report Card, Shannon Coffey's series on Refinery29's comedy channel, RIOT, she discusses the dos and don'ts of crying in public. Coffey is a self-professed lover of a good cry — she's been brought to tears over everything from spilling an iced latte to not being A$AP Rocky's girlfriend. And while Coffey says it can feel good to cry, she wonders: Is it appropriate? To answer that question, she assembled a panel of the exact people you do want to cry in front of: a therapist and a best friend. Comedian Matteo Lane is comfortable around crying ("I'm Italian"), but therapist Jane Greer, PhD, emphasizes that it's all about context. "Sometimes, if you cry in the wrong time and the wrong place, you'll do yourself in." So how did our experts grade public crying in this week's report card? Watch the video above to find out. Want more cathartic content? Check out another one of RIOT's amazing shows, How to Weep In Public.
Crying At Work Stigma - Riot Matteo Lane InterviewReleased on July 12, 2016

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