Report Card
Are Your Social Media Habits Messing With Your Relationship?

Does love have a password? Shannon Coffey talks social media's effect on relationships—with a married couple and Refinery29's sex editor, Hayley MacMillen.

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Oh, social media, you double-edged sword. At your best, you draw us together, facilitating connections between strangers and closeness between connections. But you can also distract us from those in the room with us — and even drive a wedge into a relationship, as married comedian Casey Jost attests in the latest video from Report Card, comedian Shannon Coffey's series on Refinery29's comedy channel, RIOT. "Occasionally, we'll both be in bed, back-to-back, looking at our phones," Jost confesses of life with his wife, fellow comedian Lisa Kleinman, who also appears in the video above. "I'll try to put my phone away and turn around and grab her... [T]hat's the thing that I feel the most guilty about." But who hasn't been in that scenario? What might be more unusual is Kleinman's insistence on checking her husband's social media while logged into his accounts. "I want all the passwords, I want all the access, I want to know," she exclaims. That's where Refinery29's Sex & Relationships editor — that's me — interjects to Jost, "But if it doesn't bother you, then okay!" Apparently, Kleinman's social media habits don't bother Jost, so in my professional opinion: To each their own. As long as your partner is informed of and comfortable with your social-media-checking behavior, you're golden — but beware of violating that trust. Watch the video above for our take on social media's effect on your love life.
Social Media, Online Dating Relationships, Love AdviceReleased on May 31, 2016

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