Vanessa Bayer & Jessi Klein Get Real At Refinery29

The long, treacherous path to adulthood is often paved with hilarity — just ask Jessi Klein, executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer, Transparent writer, former SNL staffer, and now, breakout author. Her debut essay collection, You’ll Grow Out of It, chronicles Jessi’s beautifully awkward journey from perpetual tomboy (or as she would say, “tom man”) to Hollywood power player. Consider this required reading for anyone who harbors secret nostalgia for her Pippi Longstocking phase. Above all, Jessi inspires us to keep tearing down rigid definitions of “femininity” in pursuit of our own, utterly unique identities, scrappy ‘90s overalls included. Jessi joins us on July 12 at 6:50 p.m. EST for a live interview with Vanessa Bayer, of SNL and Trainwreck fame. Tune into our Facebook Live feed or RIOT channel to hear the comedic voice that gave Amy Schumer and Ira Glass a serious case of the giggles dish on growing up and taking charge.

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