Justin Bieber’s Dad Is Still Joking About His Son’s Penis

A "dad joke" is traditionally a fatherly witticism that's embarrassingly corny. A "Justin Bieber's dad joke" is pretty much the same, though it probably involves a reference to his son's penis.
After photos of Justin Bieber skinny-dipping appeared online last week, Jeremy Bieber took to Twitter to let the world know what he thinks the photos revealed. On Saturday, he tweeted to Justin a photo of a very, very tall spire rising against a skyline, accompanied by a smiley-face emoji. While the tweet could simply be a father sharing the picturesque evening sky with his son, the internet seems to think the spire is a veiled commentary on the potential size of Bieber's genitalia.
This isn't the first time Jeremy Bieber has made headlines for commenting on his adult son's penis. Last October, in the wake of Justin's nudes circulating online, the elder Bieber tweeted out, "what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy."
So the next time your dad asks if your fridge is running (if it is, you better catch it), have some gratitude. It could be so, so much worse.

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