People With Down Syndrome Are Tired Of These Stereotypes

Even when people hold nothing against those with disabilities, they can often unintentionally speak to them in a condescending or alienating way. BBC Three's "Things People With Down's Syndrome Are Tired Of Hearing" video exposes some of the things people say when they don't understand Down Syndrome, in particular. Down Syndrome is a set of physical and mental traits usually caused by an extra 21st chromosome. While some have considered it a disorder in the past, it's really just another characteristic that varies within the human population. According to the video, one myth about people with Down Syndrome that needs to go is that they can't have relationships. "Kissing is my favorite pastime, I reckon," says one man with Down Syndrome. One woman describes herself as a romantic and another admits to crushing on Justin Bieber. Another comment one mom of a kid with Down Syndrome gets a lot is, "Will she be able to do this? Will she be able to do that?" The answer is always yes, though she may learn how to do these things differently. "It doesn't stop you from doing anything," another woman with Down Syndrome agrees. She also wants to debunk the term "Down Syndrome sufferer": "The only thing I suffer from is bad attitudes." One woman sums it up: "People with Down Syndrome are just normal people." Ultimately, the things you shouldn't say to people with Down Syndrome are just the same things you just shouldn't say to anyone.

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