Kelly Osburne Is In Hot Water With Her Father’s Mistress

There is some major drama going down in the Osbourne family once again. Ozzy Osbourne made recent headlines when he went "missing" for a bit, but now it's his daughter, Kelly, who seems to be in trouble. Back in May, Kelly ignited a heated Twitter discussion when she tweeted out the phone number of her father's mistress, Michelle Pugh. Kelly also accused Pugh of "elder abuse" against her father, 67. Now, Pugh has filed a lawsuit against Kelly for "defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts," as People reports. Pugh and Ozzy Osbourne carried on a relationship for nearly four years after meeting back in 2011, when she used to dye his hair, she says. Pugh told the magazine that the singer was "the greatest love of my life." The celebrity hairstylist's lawyer, F. Edie Mermelstein, told People that Pugh was cyberbullied by Kelly Osbourne to over four million followers. Pugh also says that she sent Kelly a cease and desist letter in an effort to make her delete the tweets. "In the age of social media, reality TV, and the internet, anyone, especially a celebrity can launch a global attack leaving an indelible and permanent stain on a chosen target, while inciting masses to demean, degrade, comment, and harass," Mermelstein said in a statement. "Kelly Osbourne, with over four million followers and a strong media presence, intentionally did exactly that to Michelle Pugh on Twitter." Neither Kelly, nor her mother Sharon, who is in the process of divorcing Ozzy, have commented on the lawsuit or posted any reactions on social media.

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