Sorry, Kids: Jared Leto Fact-Checked That Gucci Meme

Photo: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images.
Jared Leto continued his Gucci-round-the-world spree — otherwise known as the Suicide Squad press tour — earlier this week in London. For this particular premiere, he eschewed heavily embroidered florals in favor of a bright, colorblocked ensemble, consisting of a green button-front coat and pink trousers (worn with the label's signature loafers, of course). But if you've been on social media in the past 24 hours, you already know this: His lewk quickly became one of the most shareable moments in fashion this year, when someone unearthed a photograph of Leto at Gucci's most recent menswear show, capturing his reaction the exact moment he saw the head-to-toe look hit the runway. Or so we thought. Thanks to a revealing soundbite from Vanity Fair, the joy we felt at an on-point designer meme was shattered. For those unfamiliar with the situation, let's backtrack to the tweet that started it all.
If Leto's Suicide Squad premiere outfit wasn't already meme-worthy (and oh, was it ever), this sealed the deal: His expression felt so sincere — his giddiness so palpable — that it warmed the hearts of fellow Gucci groupies and Leto fans alike. It was such a pure story of love and fashion. Naturally, by the time the premiere ended, the picture had spread throughout the Twitterverse. However, the fun came to a sudden halt Thursday morning, when, in a post-internet-frenzy interview with Vanity Fair, Leto revealed the true origin of the shot: "The thing about the photo is — I’m going to be honest with you — I was actually making a face at someone across the runway," he said. Does anyone else feel the world shattering around them? Trying to soften the blow, Leto conceded that he has had similar reactions to past Alessandro Michele creations — which, to be fair, we already knew from Leto's own Instagram feed. "I have that feeling with most things [Gucci] makes, because they make such beautiful things," he continued in an attempt save his reputation as No. 1 Gucci Fanboy (and contract, probably.) "But I was actually goofing off with a friend and you can’t actually tell from the picture." There you have it, folks. After all those clever tweets, all we get is: "Sorry to ruin your meme." Let's never forget this feeling, though.

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