You Won’t Believe This Beauty Vlogger’s DIY Brow Trick

Every day, beauty YouTubers find new ways to shock us into clicking. (One hundred layers of makeup, anyone?) And just when you think you’ve seen it all, this happens: In the above video, Australian beauty blogger Stephanie Lange attempts to thicken her brows by cutting hair from her head and gluing it to her face. Okay.

Even more shocking? She tries the big experiment for the first time on camera. Before you judge, know this: There’s some solid logic behind the concept. But while brow extensions are nothing new, we have yet to see anyone try the technique with hair from their heads.

The vlogger admits in the video that she’s tried everything to get stronger brows, after — like many of us — over-tweezing as a teen. “Like most teenagers, I over-plucked them so much that they now no longer grow back,” she says. “I've tried brow tattooing before, and I've tried pretty much everything else there is to make my actual eyebrow hairs grow back, but nothing has really worked for me.” Um, we feel you.

So Lange got creative. First, she considered applying individual false lashes to her brows, before nixing the idea: “My false lashes are all black, and black would have looked pretty dark considering my hair color,” the blonde concludes.
Photo: Via Stephanie Lange.

“So then, I got the bright idea of snipping off some of my own hair and sticking it [on] my face as eyebrows,” she continues. “I know I'm crazy and this is a ridiculous idea, but I'm going to try it right now on camera and see if it actually works — because if it works, this will save me a lot of hassle in filling my brows in.”

The mother of all invention is what people tend to first dub “crazy,” so we’re on board — and, like Lange, can’t wait to see what goes down next. After snipping the tips of her hair into a makeshift petri dish, the vlogger whips out her trusty semipermanent lash glue in hopes the new “brow” hairs stay in place for a couple of days.

Before adding a few disclaimers, she's off to the races. ("This could all go horribly wrong,” she says. “I have no idea how this is going to turn out, and I could end up ripping off the few hairs I do have...or it could go incredibly well and I'll have really thick brows for a couple of days, so I guess we'll find out.”) After meticulously cutting each hair to size, sweeping them through the glue, and adding them to her brows, Lange actually ends up with dramatically thicker brows. And you know what? They look pretty damn good.
Photo: Via Stephanie Lange.
Sure, the process takes a very long time. And lash glue is visible on brows, but as she points out, it’s nothing a little brow powder won’t conceal. “I actually don't think it looks that bad. In fact, they look very, very similar to the natural brows I used to have before I plucked them all off,” she says. Before signing off, Lange offers parting wisdom: If you don’t want to cut your own hair, perhaps try hair extensions. Definitely some (brow) food for thought.

Our final thoughts? Never use anything around the eyes unless it's safe to do so — note that Lange used lash glue — as safety should always be your top priority, even when it comes to bolder brows.

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