This Custom iPhone 7 Is Ridiculously Expensive

The iPhone 7 is still just a twinkle in Tim Cook’s eye, but that won’t stop somebody from dropping $1.3 million on a diamond-encrusted version. Brikk, a company that made waves when it dropped a platinum Apple watch, recently announced their custom Lux iPhone 7.

Brikk will allow you to customize your phone using small diamonds, big diamonds, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or any combinations thereof. The company will also offer 120 colors, all scratch resistant, and in-person meeting with their head designer to settle on your phone’s final form.

That designer is presumably a spritz of Axe Body spray encased in a Rolex box and somehow given life in a sort of Faustian bargain but for high-end accessories. Pure class, is what we’re trying to say. The phone will run you $4,995 (reasonable) up to the aforementioned $1.3 million (a bargain). The phone will especially appeal to those with a lot of disposable income and a death wish. They'll sure be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Here, look at their official Instagram for more details. Or just check out this image Brikk says is of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’s personal phone.

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