Ryan Lochte's Blue Hair Has Turned Green

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Update (August 10, 2016):
Looks like Ryan Lochte's once gray-blue hair has transformed to a mint-green shade. Some are chalking up the change to the chlorine from the Olympic pool, which is most likely the culprit. Green, blue, purple... We're still letting out a hardy "JEAH" for beauty experimentation of any kind.
Update (August 5, 2016): Ryan Lochte has explained the motivation behind his blue-hair transformation: He did it because he left his grill at home for the Rio games. No, not the one you barbecue on — he means the glittering kind Paul Wall used to rap about. Lochte told The Washington Post, "Usually, I've always worn my grill at the Olympics...so I was like, I gotta do something different, so I said why not the hair?"

Yeah, NBD, just dye your hair aquamarine to sub out your diamond mouthpiece. At the ripe ol' age of 32, he said, people were joking that he's trying to hide gray hairs peeking through — and he admitted they're not totally wrong. "I went full gray. Grayish blue." If he's afraid of some silver-fox strands, maybe he should talk to Kendall Jenner, who apparently just got her first.

This story was originally published on August 1, 2016.
Forget going for gold. Olympic swimmer and Tinder enthusiast Ryan Lochte has already won our hearts with his latest style reinvention: icy-blue hair — just in time for the Rio games.

Colorist Jenn Jones, at Atlanta’s Akasa Salon, used organic dye to give Lochte the so-faint-it’s-almost-white shade a week before Rio’s opening ceremony. And it's not custom, either: Jones also treated Lochte's teammate James Feigen to the look. Well, that's one way to bond with your buddy.

Me hungry!! @jennjonesatl #newlook #dye

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Hopefully, the champion swimmer's new color will get some protection from the chlorine since it'll be under his cap, but if not, we've got some solutions. And maybe, if we're lucky, Team USA will win big and celebrate with gold hair. Now that would be awesome.

Tell us what you think of Lochte's new 'do — and whether you'd go twinsies on the dye with your BFF — in the comments below.


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