The Only Hotel Where You Can Sleep In Two Countries At The Same Time

Photo: Courtesy of Roland Zumbuehl.
When it comes to planning an exciting vacation, it can be hard to decide where, exactly, to visit. The options are absolutely endless. But the good news is that there’s actually one way to mark off two countries on your bucket list with just one hotel reservation.

Hotel Arbez
is located in the village of La Cure, and it’s special because it sits directly on the border between France and Switzerland. The hotel's history is a big part of the appeal. According to Condé Nast Traveler, during WWII, when the Nazis occupied France, the second floor of the hotel provided a place of refuge. Since the Swiss border runs through the staircase (and Switzerland remained neutral during the war), the Nazis were prevented from entering, which left the upstairs as a safe space for fugitives.

Nowadays, the upstairs entices travelers for a more fun reason. Not only can you stay in a hotel that straddles the border, but at Hotel Arbez, you can literally sleep in a bed that is split between these two incredible countries. Dream with your head in Switzerland while your feet are under the covers in France. You can even experience both Swiss and French cultures without leaving the hotel. The hotel’s restaurant is split in two, with one side serving French cuisine and the other offering Swiss fare. With Hotel Arbez, you don't have to work hard or even pay all that much to see it all. Staying in two countries at once is the most efficient way to travel. (Huffington Post)

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