6 Genius Korean Beauty Secrets To Steal

The way we talk about Korean pop stars often elevates them to the realm of mysticism. It makes sense: Their glowing, seemingly poreless complexions make them look almost superhuman. Meanwhile, us mere mortals have to deal with pimples, sweat, dry patches, redness, and various other skin issues on the regular.

Of course, not even K-pop stars really wake up looking camera-ready — they rely upon beauty tricks just like us normals. So what exactly is it that turns these singers and actors into dewy-skinned stars? First and foremost, a killer skin-care routine. But after that? It's all about layering on moisturizer after moisturizer, and strategically dabbing on your CC cream using just the right technique.

Luckily, there's a treasure trove of makeup and skin tricks on YouTube that break all of this down in depth. Get excited, because Jessica Jung from Girls Generation, Sandara Park of 2NE1, and Krystal of f(x) have all spilled their beauty routines in lengthy makeup tutorials, and the little tricks they use to get perfect-looking skin are actually doable.

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Trick: Pat — don't rub!

The most popular application technique you'll see happening in Korean skin-care and makeup tutorials is best described as the "pat pat pat." It's the quick yet gentle pressure applied when artists use their hands or sponges to lightly blend in everything, from moisturizers to serums to BB cream.

Jung's secret? Instead of rubbing in your skin care (and risking irritating your skin), simply press your hands onto your face.

Say it with us: Pressure is good, rubbing is bad.
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Trick: Contour with CC cream.

Heavy contouring is commonplace on YouTube, but when it comes to Korean makeup, it seems the trend is almost the opposite. Many artists aim to create dimension without layering on the concealer, bronzer, and highlighter. How do they do that? As Park shows in this video, it's a combination of a cushion-compact BB cream and some strategically placed CC cream.

The trick: Simply apply a light foundation or BB cream as normal, and then tap on a CC cream in a lighter shade on your T-zone and the apples of your cheeks. Voilà, natural glow, without striping your face like a tiger. (Skip ahead to 5:05 to see Park demonstrate her technique.)
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Trick: Curl your lashes...with heat.

Do enough digging on YouTube and you'll find videos that call upon the powers of heat to create a long-lasting eyelash curl. The safety of many of these techniques is questionable at best — seriously, some tutorials use fire! — so follow Jung's advice instead.

In the video she shot for Vogue, Jung uses her blowdryer to lightly warm her curler before using. Just be sure you test it before using — metal gets hot!

We can't stress this enough: Be very careful with anything you do around your eyes; the curler should be just a touch warm, not hot!
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Trick: Try two lip colors at once.

While scrolling through the endless YouTube videos available online, we ran across one trend happening over and over again: the dual-color lip. Pop stars start with one nude color for a natural base, and then apply a berry-focused tint right at the center. It's a technique perfect for a "just ate a popsicle" gradient stain.
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Trick: The trace-and-shade brow.

As K-pop star and TV host Eric Nam told us, his makeup artists are "very keen on eyebrows." For those of us who aren't masters with Anastasia's brow powder or lucky enough to get a tube of Boy Brow, this tutorial from Pony is a gem. She's the makeup artist behind 2NE1's CL — and trust us, she knows what she's doing.

Step one: Grab a thin brow pencil. Step two: Sketch out the angle of your brow. Step three: Fill them in with thin, quick strokes. Follow it up with some tinted brow gel to complete the look.
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Trick: Highlight your collarbone.

Body makeup has been having a moment lately, but it doesn't have to require a ton of work — simply take your cue from After School's Nana. Fast-forward to 1:05, and you'll see how a gold highlighter can add a little touch of glamour when applied right along your collarbone. Tip: Pair it with an off-the-shoulder shirt for major impact.
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