What Gal Gadot Thinks Of The Wonder Woman Barbie

The new Wonder Woman Barbie made her debut at Comic-Con earlier this month, and the latest actress to play the superhero, Gal Gadot, caught notice of it. On Thursday, she told her Twitter followers what she thinks of the doll.
The Barbie is based on Gadot's character in Wonder Woman, whose trailer was released at Comic-Con along with the doll. Wonder Woman Barbie holds a gold lasso, which Gadot's Wonder Woman also carries in the trailer. Her features are also meant to resemble Gadot's, according to the product's description. The doll was selling for $80 at Comic-Con, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But now, you can get it for $35.97 on Amazon or Walmart. It looks like Barbie's continuing its mission to offer fairer representations of women. There's still more work to be done toward that end, but we're glad Wonder Woman herself finds this one sufficiently badass.

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