Chelsea Clinton Praises Mom As A “Fighter Who Never, Ever Gives Up”

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Chelsea Clinton delivered a heartfelt appeal for her mother's bid to be the country's first female president in primetime remarks at the Democratic National Convention Thursday. While delegates — and millions of viewers across the country — watched, the former first daughter shared personal stories painting the nominee as a doting mother and grandmother, tireless public servant, and advocate for those in need. “People ask me all the time, 'How does she do it? How does she keep going amid the sound and the fury of politics?'" Chelsea Clinton said in an introduction ahead of her mother's own speech. "Here’s how: because she never, ever forgets who she’s fighting for.” Clinton, who has two young children with husband Marc Mezvinsky, offered a glimpse into the nominee's role within the family, saying that even if her mother is about to go on a debate stage, “she’ll drop everything for a few minutes of blowing kisses and reading Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo with her granddaughter." “Every day that I spend as Charlotte and Aidan's mother, I think about my own mother, my wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious mother," she said. But she also praised her mother as someone deeply committed to building a better future for all. “I’m voting for a fighter who never, ever gives up and who believes we can always do better when we come together and work together," she said. "I have a hope that my children will someday be as proud of me as I am of my mom.” GOP nominee Donald Trump also tapped his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to introduce him at the Republican National Convention last week. Chelsea Clinton, who has known Ivanka Trump for years, took aim at her friend's assertion that Trump will fight for equal pay and other policies to help women and families.

I’m voting for a fighter who never, ever gets up and who believes we can always do better when we come together and work together.

Chelsea Clinton
“I would ask, ‘How would your father do that, given that it’s not something he’s spoken about? Given there are no policies on any of those issues on his website?'" Clinton said at an event sponsored by Glamour magazine.

Chelsea Clinton, who shied from the limelight as a teen growing up in the White House and later as a student at Stanford University, has taken on an increasingly public role alongside her parents in recent years. The 36-year-old is now a vice chair at the Clinton Foundation, where she works on issues such as the No Ceilings initiative for women and girls, according to her bio page. The former first daughter is expected to be a key surrogate representing her mother on the campaign trail this fall. Jennifer Palmieri, director of communications for the Clinton campaign, praised Chelsea Clinton as a "remarkable woman," adding that it "speaks so well of both of her parents that she’s turned out to be someone who is not just obviously very smart, but a very decent person and somebody who has chosen, like her parents...[to go into] public service." Like Ivanka Trump, it's likely that Chelsea Clinton's role will include being her mother's ambassador to young, female voters in their 20s and 30s, but the campaign sees her reach as being much broader. “She’s got a new baby, so she’s not that mobile, but she’ll be here this week and she plans to do campaigning for her mom," Palmieri told Refinery29 and other women's media outlets during a briefing this week. "She can help us with young women, but she’s a mom, too. So, I think it's not as if [courting young voters is] the only place you’ll see Chelsea."

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