Is Anna Wintour Helping Style Hillary Clinton?

Photo: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images.
If you've been really into Hillary Clinton's fashion choices on the campaign trail, guess what: There might be a fashion industry heavy-hitter weighing in. Arguably the most powerful person in the biz, in fact. Anna Wintour has been helping Clinton with her wardrobe for various campaign events, Business of Fashion reports.

The story, which explores the role of fashion (and the budgets allocated to it, for marketing purposes) for both presidential candidates, sheds some light on how Clinton has strategically been getting dressed the past few months. For starters, other members of Clinton's team who have been chiming in about style matters include her deputy communications director, Kristina Schake, an ex-aide of Michelle Obama who played a part in FLOTUS' look.

The Vogue EIC has been playing yenta, in a style context, for Clinton, per BoF (and as The Cut pointed out, too). Wintour has dipped into her deep rolodex of designers and introduced the presidential candidate to some of them. But don't worry, these aren't gifted, gratis ensembles: The article asserts that Clinton paid for any looks she's worn as a result of Wintour's connections.

It's not out of left field for Wintour to be helping Clinton with her closet, considering the powerful editor (and big Obama supporter) has been raising cash for the candidate by hosting fundraisers for months now. Wintour even wore her Hillary pride on her sleeve, literally, by donning a pro-HRC tee designed by Marc Jacobs to the designer's show in February.

As for Clinton's outfit for the close of the DNC, when she makes her nomination acceptance speech tonight: Wintour will probably go patriotic with her fashion choice. "Clinton will likely wear a garment made by an American designer, chosen with the input of her team," BoF predicts. Any guesses as to which U.S.-based label the POTUS hopeful will be kitted out in when she hits the podium this evening? Let us know in the comments, below.

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