How A See-Through Suitcase Wants To Solve Your Packing Problems

The days of the plain black suitcase are long gone. Why buy no-frills luggage when you can find a suitcase that you could ride from terminal to terminal? Or one with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can track its location at all times? While luggage innovation has certainly gone in some interesting directions lately, one piece in particular has put a very bizarre twist on modern travel. The Vis-A-Vis Trunk from Crumpler puts everything on display — literally. The polycarbonate case, which retails for an insane $560, is completely see-through. There are two black straps that keep your bathing suit, shoes, and other packed goods in place, but otherwise, get ready for fellow travelers to know just how messy you are. Of course, as Gizmodo pointed out, the case could provide incentive for you to pack more neatly. But for those of us who aren't expert folders and haven't been schooled in the Marie Kondo method of minimalism, that is no easy task — especially after we've picked up travel souvenirs. On the plus side, maybe the clear case will lower your chance of having TSA rifle through your clothes. However, the $85 cost of Security Pre-Check seems like a better way to speed through the lines than spending more than $500 for a case that will cause a lot of unnecessary staring. Why make travel more stressful than it already is?

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