Even Blake Lively Didn't Have The Best High School Years

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
It's easy to forget that at the end of the day, famous people were once just normal kids in high school, navigating their way around the halls, feeling out of place.

So while it seems at the moment someone like Blake Lively lives a life full of rainbows, butterflies, and perfect blonde waves, she too started from the bottom.

The actress opened up to Elle Australia about her rough times in high school. "I didn't fit in that well in high school because I was tall and shy and not very confident about myself," the 28-year-old actress told the magazine. She added that she "was very introverted and very awkward in social situations."

She said that it wasn't until she started taking acting classes when she was 16 that she started to come into her own and started getting past her insecurities. She would even perform in Glee club, and even becoming an IRL- Tracey Flick.

Her lingering memories of not fitting in during her teenage years could be a part of why she and her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, have said they will not be raising their kids in Los Angeles and will try to keep their lives as private, and presumably normal, as possible.

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