Zendaya Inspired Céline Dion’s Style Transformation

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/WireImage.
In case you missed it, Céline Dion was the all-star at the haute couture shows in Paris this month. The legendary performer has been killing it with her style record lately — and everyone has noticed. While the singer's sartorial shift has been collectively adored already, a big inspiration behind Dion's new look makes her fresh aesthetic even more amazing. Firstly, it'll come as no surprise Dion's seemingly sudden wardrobe change comes courtesy of a newly hired stylist. The man leading the charge is Law Roach, who also works with Zendaya "Zen-Slaya" Coleman. Apparently, Dion approached Roach specifically because of Zendaya's impeccable red carpet game, Style Watch reports. "She liked that [Zendaya's style] had some sophistication to it," Roach told the publication earlier this month of how they met. "She googled me." If the connection seems surprising, Roach explains that Zendaya and Dion aren't all that different, really: "They're both fearless," he says. Plus, Dion is really into fashion, Roach told Elle — and Zendaya didn't earn the aforementioned nickname and a flurry of style stalking Tumblrs for nothing. You know who is surprised (and really psyched) about the parallel, though? Zendaya herself. "First of all, just to know that she knows my name is crazy," she told Style Watch. "Also, she slays my life." Well, we feel the same way about you, Zendaya. "For her to recognize me from my fashion because of what he did, and what we've done together, it was a very surreal awesome moment for both of us," the 19-year-old told the publication.
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Dion is equally pleased with the results of their collaboration: She told Entertainment Tonight that not only did Roach "[bring] me out of my closet and now flowers are growing," but that even her children have taken notice, and they're into Mom's fresh look. Surely, they want to borrow that Vetements Titanic sweatshirt that made us all lose it. Between this and an upcoming album, Dion is giving us a lot to look forward to — including what she'll be wearing in the front row at New York Fashion Week come September.

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