Here’s How To Be A Brunette & A Blonde At The Same Time

Photo: Via Reddit.
With so many cool hair-color options to go around, we're no longer content to stick out the same shade for months on end — and neither are the bloggers and vloggers we follow. Remember Sabrina Abu-Obeid's "The Dress" hair, which went from blue to purple to pink depending on the lighting? We also still aren't quite over that amazing peekaboo rainbow hair from April. And now, Reddit users have uncovered another case of chameleon color. The GIF starts with a brunette looking into the camera. But wait! She then delivers the most majestic hair flip of all time, and — bam! — her hair is suddenly platinum. It's the result of coloring just the underside, and it's pretty damn trippy. It's also a really good idea for Emma Stone, who recently landed a new role as Cruella de Vil — or anyone ghosting a Tinder date. If you give it a try, please let us know who actually has more fun: blondes or brunettes.

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