Is This Girl’s Hair “The Dress” All Over Again?

Remember that scene in Sleeping Beauty when the fairy godmothers keep changing Aurora's dress while she's dancing? (It's pink! No, it's blue!) Well, that's basically what's happening on Sabrina Abu-Obeid's head here. The 24-year-old from Melbourne, Florida, has hair that changes shades in different lighting — much to the bewilderment of her boyfriend, who uploaded a video showing off the transformation. As BuzzFeed points out, the whole thing is eerily similar to "The Dress" that blew up the Internet back in February. At first, Abu-Obeid's hair appears violet, but when she walks into her bathroom, it goes pink. It's actually a common phenomenon when you dye dark hair a bright color (Abu-Obeid appears to be a brunette). "What happens when you lighten dark hair and remove all the pigment is that it goes through different colors — it goes from red to orange, and then lands on a pale yellow," says Lucille Javier, a colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon in NYC. "You can never turn dark hair completely white, or else it will be on the floor." That not-pure-white undertone affects the way hair looks in different lighting. "All lighting is different," Javier says. "You have white light, fluorescent light, natural light. If you're in a bathroom without much natural light, you're not going to see much warmth in the hair." That's why Abu-Obeid's mane looks more purple-pink when she's in her WC. Admittedly, this trick's nowhere near as mind-blowing as The Dress, the perceived color of which had to do with angles, the device on which you were looking at it, and the lighting in the room you were in. One thing The Dress meme didn't have? The hilarious reaction of Abu-Obeid's boyfriend, who kept exclaiming "Whoa!" as she moved from room to bathroom. Yeah, dude, we get it — it's the dawning of a new age of rainbow hair.

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