Unpopular Opinion: I Prefer My Shirts Wrinkled

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
I don't have a good reason for my shirts always being so wrinkled. It's not like I don't have the time to run them under an iron (or, at the very least, hang them in the bathroom while I shower to steam them flat). I could make sure that they're hung properly on the rod, or folded nicely in my drawer. At the end of the day — and, oftentimes, literally at the end of the day — I'm just too lazy to do anything about it. My shirts come with wrinkles, and I'm okay with that.
Lately, I've actually learned to prefer it. I'm the kind of person who loves a manicure when it's one chip in, and my hair on day two. I like my brunches to come without garnishes and my iPhone screen with a tiny crack in the corner. Pristine is not my thing, and there's something about a little imperfection that feels freeing. A wrinkled button-down shirt suggests that you're not going straight home after work — that you might have run around in it, bear-hugged a friend, or are the type of person to wear your clothes more than once before laundering them.
And with all the creative, fun, advanced types of fancy shirts out there right now, I've got more opportunities than ever to, you know, not hang up my clothes. Click through to see five women who agree with me.

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