Watch Cara Delevingne Shave A Woman’s Head On TV

Model-slash-actress Cara Delevingne is out and about promoting her upcoming, much-anticipated movie Suicide Squad. That means we're bound to see her on a lot of talk shows. Those usually go something like this: Actress answers a couple of questions, maybe plays a game, and plugs her upcoming project. But Cara's recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! also included...playing barber. To "cool people off," Kimmel and crew decided to give passersby on-the-street summer haircuts. After Kimmel's right-hand man Guillermo shaves off one person's hair, 23-year-old Cara pops onto the screen. "I think I'm going to do this with my eyes closed, which could be fun," she cheekily announces to Kimmel. (We're cringing.) Her volunteer audience member is a young woman named Grace, who has a cute blond bob and quite possibly no idea what's about to happen. "I'm from Florida, and I love stepping out of my comfort zone," she says. "That's why I'm doing this." Cara wastes no time and shaves a line straight down the center of Grace's head. By the time the show cuts to break, Grace is rocking a receding hairline. After the commercial break, we're met with an almost bald Grace. We say "almost" because, along the left side of her head, a sole patch of hair remains that Cara's taken upon herself to braid. "Oh, yeah, I love it," Grace exclaims. We hope that's true.

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