12 Celebs Who Should Have Been Sweaty But Were Not Sweaty

Every morning is becoming more and more of a challenge. I rise, ready to take on the day, only to look in my closet and think, What does one wear in 100-degree heat? And for that matter, how does one not shave one's entire head in the name of not having to deal with hair in this hot weather? While we're at it, how does anyone commute to work in the summer and arrive at the office not looking like they've just gone through a car wash?
I know you're probably saying out loud — in response to this content written by a total stranger — "It's impossible, Vanessa! Just give up!" But then I see that there's a subset of the human race who appear to have mastered this very technique. I'm talking about famous people who either paid to have their sweat glands removed, or who are blessed to have reached the the next phase of evolution, which somehow involves not sweating at all.
This isn't a "celebs are just like us" story. Rather, it's an "I'm genuinely confused how these situations happened without buckets of perspiration" story.

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