42 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were In Gap Ads

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Go back in time for a moment.

Do you remember when everyone was ready to “fall into the Gap”? There was a time when Gap commercials were exciting and cool — a Gap ad held such high pop culture status, in fact, that it could make or break a celeb’s career.

To book a Gap commercial was like winning a spot on the Mickey Mouse Club. It was the foot in the door a celeb needed to propel himself or herself to superstardom.

It may be hard to believe, but lots of your favorite celebrities once starred in print ads and TV commercials for the mall chain. Can you remember who? Check out every single one in the slideshow, ahead. We bet you'll find more than a few that you forgot about.
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Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford was in a lot of Gap ads. Probably because she's so photogenic that you thought you could pull off this denim-on-denim look, too.
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Sarah Jessica Parker & Lenny Kravitz
Once upon a time, Carrie Bradshaw was the queen of style. So it was a pretty big deal when SJP joined Lenny Kravitz for a Gap commercial. We're not going to lie: A lot of these outfits are still pretty dope.
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Jessica Alba
Before she was the head of a billion-dollar company, she was posing in Gap ads.
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Claire Danes & Patrick Wilson
Who knew Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson could dance? Who knew that she would look so good in his pants?
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Kirsten Dunst
I'm not going to lie: Kirsten Dunst looks so carefree and cool in these khaki pants, it's low-key convincing me that maybe they aren't as terrible as I think they are.
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Rashida Jones
You see that pretty young woman in the orange vest and gray top looking at the camera? Yes, it's Rashida Jones. She was actually in a few Gap commercials in 1999 ("Everybody in Vests," seen here, and "Everybody in Cords"), singing and modeling.
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Salma Hayek
Honestly, Salma Hayek can make anything look good. So this isn't as much as an endorsement of Gap clothing as it is an endorsement of her ability to slay.
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Juliette Lewis & Daft Punk
This is a real commercial that someone paid money to make. Someone wanted that hat in there. No, really.
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Norman Reedus
Before he was Daryl on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus was a model. Seriously, he even modeled for Prada. This is a Gap ad with him wearing flares. It's beautiful.
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Madonna & Missy Elliott
What's better than Madonna singing "Get Into The Groove"? Madonna singing a "Get Into The Groove" remix with Missy Elliott. Thank you, Gap, for making this a thing that really happened once.
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Chris Evans
Long before he was Captain America, he was showing off his biceps in a Gap ad. Not sure what the crutch has to do with anything, but why not?
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Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, Ashton Kutcher, & Jay Hernandez
For some odd reason, Gap gathered together this motley crew of fresh-faced actors to have them ride bikes in London. For Gap. What are they even selling?
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John Mayer
Look, everyone! It's your singer-songwriter boyfriend from 15 years ago, brooding in a Gap ad, as singer-songwriters in the year 2000 often did.
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Audrey Hepburn
Okay, so Audrey Hepburn had been dead and gone long before this Gap commercial came out, but she's still the star. And she managed to give AC/DC and skinny black pants a major comeback.
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Naomi Campbell
GIRL, you sold those shorts! I'm going to Gap.com right now to try and find the 2016 version.
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Laura Prepon
Long before Orange Is The New Black, Laura Prepon was the girl of every teen boy's dreams on That '70s Show. And her Gap commercial is a testament to the power of Donna.
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Anjelica Huston & Michael K. Williams
I approve of this pairing! I'd watch these two in any movie, TV show, or Broadway play. Get to it, Hollywood! Trust Gap!
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I'm not sure why someone thought Joe Perry and Steven Tyler playing guitar, drums, and a harmonica would convince people to buy "easy fit" pants. But they did. The '90s were such a strange time.
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James Marsden
This Gap ad is extremely important, because it's from the chain's holiday 2007 campaign. And it's just further proof that James Marsden does not age.
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LL Cool J
Is this a Gap commercial? Just asking, because you gave a F.U.B.U. shoutout, LL. In any case, this is a thing that happened in 1999.
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Mila Kunis
Yes, even Mila Kunis fell into the Gap at one point.
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SJP, Josh Duhamel, & Mary J. Blige
What a strange group of celebrities to assemble for a Gap holiday commercial. Yet, here they are. It kinda works.
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Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana posed with her sister for one of Gap's 2007 holiday ads. They are wearing colors that no one would wear together IRL, but it's still adorable.
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Orlando Bloom & Kate Beckinsale
Not really sure who thought to put these two together. It's a Gap commercial you probably forgot about. Not because of time, but because it's a little dull.
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Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
Remember when these two crazy kids were in love? Doesn't this ad just hit you right in the feels?
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This is one of the coolest Gap commercials, ever. Because of Run-D.M.C. And because Rev Run ends it by singing, "Fall into the Gap."
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Joan Didion
Bet you didn't know that Joan Didion was in a Gap ad. Now you do.
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There was a Gap commercial called "Holiday in your Hood." It featured Common — in a hoodie. Get it?
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Amy Adams
If you want to sell warm-and-cozy things, Amy Adams seems like a good fit, mostly because she's adorable and seems like a warm person. No, we don't know her personally. It's just a feeling.
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Aubrey Plaza & Nas
Yes, you read that correctly. No, we don't know what either Aubrey Plaza or Nas have to do with this ad. Especially Aubrey Plaza, who seems to just be dancing with herself.

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